Drinking elegance

Wolfox and its fine selection of premium soft drinks, mineral waters, wines and spirits

Choosing a premium beverage distributor is critical for hotels and catering operators who want to offer their customers a refined and memorable drinking experience. Wolfox specializes in the distribution of premium beverages, mineral waters, wines and spirits, carefully selecting the best producers nationally and internationally. Thanks to our passion and expertise in the field, we are able to propose a varied and high-quality offer, designed to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

In the world of beverages, quality and variety make all the difference, and Wolfox is committed to offering its hospitality customers a careful selection of products, ranging from mineral waters to wines, via high-end spirits and liqueurs. Our offerings are the result of careful and constant research, enabling us to offer premium and characterful products that satisfy the most discerning palates and enrich the drinking experience.





Your reliable partner for premium drinks, mineral waters, wines and spirits

Choosing Wolfox as a distributor of premium beverages, mineral water, wines and spirits means relying on an experienced and attentive partner who guarantees high-quality service and personalized support for every need. Thanks to our efficient logistics and international network of contacts, we are able to offer fast delivery times and constant product availability to ensure our hotel, restaurant and cafe operators, the best in the wine and beverage industry.