Borgo Conventi

The Borgo Conventi Estate takes its name from a legend rooted in Farra d’Isonzo: Count Strassoldo, known as ‘il Rizzardo’, generously donated to the Dominican friars a plot of land on which the first of the local monasteries was erected. Today, this place is home to the renowned Borgo Conventi Estate, which is dedicated to the production of fine wines. The vineyard, extending over 30 hectares and located in two of the most prestigious areas of the region, Isonzo and Collio, is the beating heart of the winemaking activity. Friuli Venezia Giulia is a privileged land for the production of exceptional white wines: fresh and fragrant those of Isonzo, of remarkable elegance those of Collio. But the red wines are no less impressive, with the Isonzo reds seducing the palate with their great aromatic finesse, while the Collio reds are distinguished by their characteristic and marked structure. The three Tenuta Borgo Conventi wine lines are the ideal complement for every occasion. The Collio line produces wines that fully express the great potential of the terroir, with an unmistakable mineral and sapid imprint. Finally, the Cru line presents wines produced in limited quantities, selecting only the best grapes from the most excellent vintages.