Opere Trevigiane

Opere Trevigiane is a sparkling wine of great elegance and charm, representing the precious and refined image of the Italian Metodo Classico. This tradition is handed down from generation to generation, with Amalia Moretti dedicating years of passion and research to guarantee a long-lasting and constant style to the products.

The bubbles of Opere Trevigiane can be golden yellow in colour or with delicate rosé variations, representing the harmonious outcome of a prized sparkling wine that is considered among the territory’s excellences. Since its inception, Opere Trevigiane has emphasised the link with the historical and artistic heritage of the region. On the collar of the bottle is a drawing freely inspired by a statue by Canova, a detail of the Monument to Maria Cristina of Austria, paying homage to the artist and his ability to transform the rigidity of marble into harmonic lightness.

Spumante Metodo Classico Opere Trevigiane represents the deeply rooted wine culture, as well as the ancient underground tunnels of the Villa Sandi estate, which extend for over a kilometre and a half. Opere Trevigiane Metodo Classico sparkling wines are distinguished by their elegance, fragrance, delicate nuances and fine perlage. Each vintage offers different expressions and sensations, inviting you to discover a unique and authentically Italian pleasure.