The Poliziano winery was founded in 1961 by Dino Carletti, who initially purchased 22 hectares of land in his beloved Montepulciano. The name ‘Poliziano’ is a tribute to the humanist and poet Angelo Ambrogini, known as the ‘Poliziano’. The company is committed to excellence, taking care of every detail, from the choice of grapes to the care of the plants, with strictly organic cultivation. This approach aims to preserve the uniqueness of each grape variety in a territory as varied as Montepulciano. The company has vineyards in four different areas: Montepulciano, Montefollonico, Maremma and Cortona, producing a variety of wines that reflect the distinctive characteristics of each region. Today, Poliziano bottles high quality wines, including Asinone and Caggiole, celebrating the rich wine tradition of the region.