Successful franchising with Wolfox

The right partner for your business franchise with selected brands

Wolfox is not only a distributor of high-quality products, but also offers the opportunity to open franchise businesses with selected brands. Thanks to our experience in the industry and knowledge of the market, we are the ideal partner for those who want to start a successful franchise business and we guarantee support and assistance during all stages of the process.

Choosing to open a franchise business with Wolfox means you can count on a team of experts who will guide you step by step to the success of your business. Wolfox offers training, marketing support, advice and assistance in choosing a location, allowing you to start your business with peace of mind and confidence. In addition, by affiliating with a brand selected by Wolfox, you will benefit from an established network and quality product offering, ensuring a successful experience for you and your customers.


A unique opportunity for a successful business franchise

Wolfox is master franchisor of selected brands, including Quintovizio, an innovative proposition in the restaurant industry. This role allows Wolfox to offer potential franchisees a unique opportunity to start a franchise business with a successful brand and to be part of a strong and ever-expanding network.

Quintovizio is a unique restaurant brand that combines tradition and innovation in an unforgettable dining experience. With a menu full of tasty and wholesome offerings made with high-quality, expertly paired ingredients, Quintovizio offers its customers a culinary experience of excellence.

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