Import/Export Solutions

Import/Export Solutions

Your global partner for importing and exporting food and wine excellence

Wolfox, with a main base in Switzerland and offices in the USA, Mexico, Chile, Cuba, representatives in Europe and throughout the Americas, is a global partner for the import and export of premium gastronomic products. Our mission is to offer superior quality solutions for the hospitality industry, bridging the gap between the world's gastronomic excellence and Swiss and international customers who wish to enrich their offerings. We do not limit ourselves to import/export, but provide a complete service that encompasses every aspect of logistics, from product acquisition and customs handling to final delivery.

We understand the importance of efficient and reliable logistics for the success of our customers and affiliates. For this reason, the company provides a state-of-the-art logistics service that can handle product shipments and deliveries accurately and promptly. With an extensive logistics infrastructure and a team of dedicated experts, Wolfox ensures timely and accurate deliveries, adapting to different customer needs. In addition, the company offers service and consulting to support customers and franchisees in inventory management and optimization of logistics processes, thus ensuring comprehensive and quality service at every stage of the supply chain.

Your Swiss-quality, flawless logistics services provider

Wolfox guarantees impeccable logistics service, characterized by efficiency, reliability and speed, traits typical of Swiss quality. Thanks to our extensive network of contacts and in-depth knowledge of the international market, we are able to handle shipments throughout Switzerland, Europe, North and South America, guaranteeing fast delivery times and constant product availability.

Our experience in the industry allows us to offer comprehensive support in customs handling and food safety issues, for a reliable and truly hassle-free import/export service.

We seek excellence and superior quality for our customers worldwide

Wolfox is committed to providing a wide range of services to meet the needs of its customers and franchisees in the restaurant industry. As a leading distributor of high-quality beverages and food products, Wolfox offers a wide assortment of products, including soft drinks, wines, spirits and fine foods. By working closely with the best domestic and international manufacturers, the company ensures the highest quality and freshness of the products offered.

We distinguish ourselves by our focus on quality and the reliability of our services. We carefully select our suppliers, favoring high-quality products and food and wine excellences from all over the world. Every product or specialty we import or export meets high quality standards, to guarantee our hospitality industry customers only the best of international gastronomic offerings. Relying on Wolfox means choosing a serious and competent partner who makes customer satisfaction its priority.

A fast track to market access and customers in Switzerland

For international companies aspiring to begin their presence in the Swiss market, Wolfox is the ideal partner. The Swiss market, known for its high level of demandability and quality sophistication, offers countless opportunities, but requires a tailored approach. With our local experience and deep understanding of customer specifics, we are able to offer optimal import and export strategies.

Our well-developed network and efficient logistics ensure easy access to the Swiss market. By relying on Wolfox, international companies can take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the Swiss market, ensuring food and wine distribution that meets the highest standards of quality and service.

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