Casa Gheller Rosato Spumante

Sparkling wine V.S. Brut


Contents: 1 case of 6 bottles


It has a soft, brilliant pink colour and minute, persistent perlage. The bouquet is fruity and floral with delicate hints of unripe golden apples and small mountain flowers. The flavour is dry, fresh, savoury with a fruity and harmonious aftertaste.


Sparkling wine V.S. Brut

Production area

Areas of high viticultural vocation in the north-eastern regions of Italy with marly soils of alluvial origin rich in skeleton.

Grape variety

The base wine cuvée is composed of various white and red grape varieties suitable for the production of sparkling wines.


The whole white grapes are introduced into the pneumatic press and the must obtained from their soft pressing, after an initial racking, is placed in the temperature-controlled tanks where it remains until it is used for the production of the sparkling wine; the red grapes after crushing are sent to the vinificators to undergo a light maceration at a temperature of 22-23°C so that the colour and few tannic substances are extracted while the aromas are enhanced.


The white must and a small percentage of red wine are blended and yeast selected by Casa Gheller is added. The resulting cuvée is placed in the fermentation vats at a controlled temperature of 15-16°C; in this way, all the fragrances of the harvest are brought out. Once the desired alcohol content and sugar content has been reached, the fermentation is stopped by refrigeration, and after a rest period on the yeasts of at least two months, the sparkling wine is ready for bottling.


It is an excellent wine as an aperitif, but ideal is its pairing with fish generally cooked “alla Livornese”. Serving temperature 6-8°C.


Alcohol 11.5% vol – Sugars 14 g/l – Acidity 5.8 g/l