Cedea 8.1ph 750 ml – Natural

Content: 1 case of 12 75 cl. glass bottles
Typology: Natural
Origin: Italy


For large quantities: 1 Pallet consists of 45 cases


We are what we eat: a very simple statement that simply reflects the truth.

That is why the quality of the food we consume is of paramount importance.
The human body processes the nutrients in what we eat and drink, which are necessary to run the incredibly sophisticated machine that we are. The pH value of our nourishment influences how it is metabolised, ultimately determining a physical efficiency factor that many people feel, preferring alkaline water to achieve optimised hydration of their bodies. Many sports professionals prefer alkaline water for their physical performance.

Cedea, in its dedicated 8.1 primary glass bottle, expresses its close relationship with human needs, in harmony with our well-being. To highlight its alkaline quality, Cedea has created the new and exclusive Cedea 8.1 primary glass bottle.

Cedea mineral water in the Cedea 8.1 bottle is returnable. In fact, the distribution was designed to respond to this preference for those oriented towards this green choice. Cedea 8.1 is designed to enhance the alkaline properties of Cedea, which help balance the human metabolism with a unique, smooth and pure taste. The delicate taste and natural energy of the Dolomite paradise. Uniqueness, alkalinity and purity brought to you in a dedicated and sensual bottle.