Cedea Enrosadira 750 ml – Natural

Contents: 1 case of 12 75 cl. bottles in glass
Type: Natural
Origin: Italy


For large quantities: 1 Pallet consists of 45 cases


Cedea, Noble Mineral Water. It is the only water that is born in the heart of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site, at the foot of Her Majesty the Marmolada. Cedea encapsulates the unique values of the Dolomites: purity, beauty, virtue, exclusivity, magic. And it is inspired by their legends.

At dawn and dusk, thanks to their unique luminescence, the Dolomites glow a very intense reddish colour, rising proudly into the blue sky with energy. This phenomenon is called Enrosadira. According to its legend, it is the magical Rose Garden, visible for only a few moments. Cedea water shines like Enrosadira, in its exclusive bottle, intensely reflecting vibrations of the reddish colour of the Dolomites and the turquoise of the sky.

The bottle, protected by copyright, has been recognised as a unique piece of design.
Cedea gushes cold and pure from the bare rock with its own energy. It is bottled just a few steps from its source, at an altitude of 1500 metres. Light and mildly alkaline, it is oligomineral with a fixed residue of 130 mg/l and pH 8.1. Its low sodium content (0.0064 g/l) and balanced mineral content make Cedea the ideal mineral water for today’s lifestyle diet.