Embrace 500 ml – Monocultivar Nocellara del Belice

2023/2024 VINTAGE
A unique oil, capable of expressing the perfect fusion of environment, agricultural management and transformation of the fruit into an oil capable of exalting all those organoleptic characteristics of a cultivar of long Sicilian tradition.
Elegant, balanced and perfectly harmonious.
Raw, it is excellent for harmonizing and flavoring simple dishes such as soups, minestrone, seafood orange salads, meat tartar and raw fish.
In cooking it is ideal for the preparation of roasts, baked squid, pasta dishes such as mussels and tenerume, cherry tomatoes and fresh tuna. It is also exceptional in the preparation of desserts such as lemon cake.

The refined design of the bottle with its black/gold color contrast arouses exclusive relationships and emotions.
Embrace is a precious gift as is life and our well-being, perfectly reflecting the principle of reciprocity, giving and receiving encapsulated in an embrace. There is no thing in the world that can make us feel better to put on the table during a dinner or lunch with its elegance and versatility, so as to surprise your guests.
The bottle, besides ensuring proper preservation of the oil, can be reused as a flower vase, candle holder or perfume diffuser.

For total transparency to our customers and to guarantee a genuine and healthy product, at the end of each oil campaign we subject our oil to detailed analysis by the customs office of the various parameters that attest to its wholesomeness and above all that it is a 0 residue product, therefore free of chemical treatments harmful to health.