Opere Trevigiane Extra Brut

Quality sparkling wine classic method V.S.Q. Extra Brut


Contents: 1 case of 6 bottles


It has a brilliant straw yellow colour, with a rich and persistent perlage. The bouquet is decidedly fragrant, with hints of good yeast and small notes of unripe fruit. It has a decidedly fresh and dry flavour with pleasant mousse. The finish is savoury and dry on an almondy background.


Quality sparkling wine classic method V.S.Q. Extra Brut.

Production Area

Areas of high viticultural vocation in the Veneto region with marly and skeleton-rich soils.

Grape variety

Chardonnay 70% and Pinot Noir 30%, percentages that may vary slightly depending on the vintage.


The whole grapes are introduced into the pneumatic press and the must obtained from their soft pressing is, after an initial racking, placed in temperature-controlled tanks, where alcoholic fermentation takes place at a temperature of 17-19°C. The wine then remains to mature until the following spring.


After creating the cuvée by blending the two types of wine and dosing the yeasts selected by Villa Sandi, bottling takes place. The bottles are then stacked in the oldest underground gallery of the winery at a constant temperature and humidity. This is where fermentation takes place for frothing and subsequent maturation of the sparkling wine on its lees for at least 36 months. After this period, disgorging takes place and, only after two months of rest, the sparkling wine is ready to be put on the market.


It is an ideal aperitif; excellent with small raw shellfish. Serving temperature 6-8°C.


Alcohol 12% vol – Sugars 3 g/l – Acidity 6.2 g/l