A unique experience from the world of Tuscan products of excellence

Quintovizio offers a unique experience in the world of Tuscan products of excellence, thanks to a careful and meticulous selection of the best local products. The brand offers a wide range of items, including fresh mozzarella, vegetables, bread and a variety of gourmet delicacies that enhance the flavors and traditions of Tuscany.
Joining the Quintovizio franchise means having the opportunity to offer its customers an authentic shopping experience, immersed in the flavors and quality of Tuscan products.

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Wolfox is Master Franchisor of Quintovizio

As Master Franchisor of Quintovizio, Wolfox represents a key reference point for entrepreneurs interested in entering the world of franchising Tuscan products of excellence. Thanks to this privileged position, Wolfox is able to offer support, training and advice to all franchisees wishing to open a Quintovizio store, guaranteeing them an easy entry into an ever-expanding market.
Being Master Franchisor for Quintovizio allows Wolfox to share its experience and expertise in the sector, actively contributing to the growth and success of a network of stores that promote the quality and authenticity of Tuscan products.

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Opening a Quintovizio franchise

If you are passionate about typical Tuscan products and wish to embark on a successful entrepreneurial path, opening a Quintovizio franchise in Switzerland is the opportunity you have been looking for. Thanks to Quintovizio’s franchise model, you will be able to offer your customers a wide selection of Tuscan culinary excellence, including fresh mozzarella, vegetables, breads and other delicacies, in a welcoming environment with attention to detail.
Joining the Quintovizio network with Wolfox means benefiting from strong support in store management, thanks to a management system that simplifies daily operations and ensures a constant supply of products. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to start a profitable business in the Tuscan deli sector and help spread the culture of good food.

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Three store formats to fit franchisees' needs

Quintovizio offers three store formats to suit franchisees’ needs and preferences:


Sale Only

Which focuses exclusively on retail sales of products.


Sale + slicer

Which adds the ability to offer fresh sliced products.


Sale + slicer + tasting

Which also includes a dedicated product tasting area to offer customers an even more complete and engaging experience.

Technological and management support for franchisees

Quintovizio offers a comprehensive and innovative management system that allows franchisees to easily and accurately manage their store. The system provides automatic entry of items, prices, stock loading and purchase invoices, greatly simplifying the daily management of the store.
In addition, the head office manages sales prices, providing franchisees with product labels for display, and the warehouse is ready to supply any store in Italy on a daily basis. The franchisee’s management system automatically transmits the reorder order to the headquarters based on daily sales and product packaging, ensuring efficient and timely service.

Additional revenue opportunities with online sales

Quintovizio affiliates can also benefit from online sales directed to the Quintovizio website, receiving a commission on sales.
Through a dedicated website, franchisees can track the online sales generated by their business and enjoy an additional income stream, further expanding the opportunities for success offered by the Quintovizio franchise.

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Thanks to the partnership with Wolfox, starting a franchise business with Quintovizio means becoming part of a successful network that shares values of quality, passion and customer care.