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In the Horeca business, a premium offering is a key element in differentiating oneself from the competition and meeting the growing needs of an increasingly attentive and selective clientele. That's why Wolfox is committed daily to the research, selection and distribution of world premium products, with a focus on food and wine excellence and the most valued expressions of the world's cultural and culinary heritage.


Our premium gourmet selection.

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Mineral water, wine, soda and spirits.

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Quintovizio, a brand of Tuscan excellence.

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Logistics and distribution services.

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Experience and quality in restaurant distribution

Importing and exporting food and wine products with Wolfox worldwide

When it comes to the distribution of food and beverage products, geographical location and efficient logistics are crucial factors in ensuring high quality, fast and reliable service.

Wolfox is a leading food & beverage distribution company for the hospitality industry, headquartered in Switzerland with a strong track record in managing imports and exports to and from Switzerland, Europe and globally.

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A journey through taste

Explore the best international food and wine excellence in our portfolio

Our company's mission is to promote the food and wine excellence and unique flavors the world has to offer. Our commitment focuses on offering a range of quality products, the result of careful selection and thorough production care.

We partner with producers who, like us, cultivate a passion for tradition and innovation. This enables us to provide our restaurant and hotel customers with high-quality products that reflect the authenticity and excellence of global gastronomy. We invite you on a taste journey through different culinary cultures to discover the specialties that make Wolfox's offerings unique.

Tradition and innovation

The best food and beverage brands at your fingertips for hotels, restaurants and bars

Choosing a distributor of premium quality products is essential to ensure an unforgettable experience for your customers, one that will win over discerning palates and fans of fine dining. Our selection of fine products is distinguished by attention to detail and attention to raw materials, ensuring authentic taste and a unique sensory experience.

Among our products, you will be able to find fine wines, spirits, extra virgin olive oils and other condiments, selected cheeses and cured meats, as well as a wide range of typical regional products, the result of our passion for world food and wine and its countless excellences.

Beyond import/export

Tailored support and breakthrough solutions for high-end hotels, restaurants, and bars

Wolfox is primarily engaged in managing all aspects of the import/export of food and wine products to and from Switzerland, Europe and America, but our services go far beyond that. We are constantly training and upgrading our staff to offer impeccable service and tailored support to hotels, restaurants and bars that choose to rely on us to supply their premium products.

Thanks to our network of partnerships with industry experts, we are able to provide comprehensive support and a wide range of additional services. These include advice on product selection, staff training, the creation of exclusive menus, and the organization of events and tastings to promote world food and wine excellence.

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We are the Master Franchisor of choice for successful businesses

Wolfox not only distributes high-quality products, but also establishes franchise opportunities with carefully chosen brands. As Master Franchisors, we guide our partners in creating a successful business by providing training, marketing support and assistance during all stages of the process. Our commitment and experience guarantee our franchisees a secure path to success, enhanced by a quality product offering and an established business network.

Sustainability and quality

Our company's commitment to ethical and superior product selection

Our commitment does not stop at the distribution of premium products, but also extends to environmental protection and the promotion of sustainable practices. We partner with companies that share with us a commitment to reducing environmental impact and promoting agriculture and production that respects natural resources.

In this way, we can guarantee our hospitality customers the highest quality products, with full respect for the environment and future generations.